The Western Union Foundation funds programs for underserved populations across the globe. Working with our partners, we provide tools and resources for job opportunities, scholarships for higher education, and direct aid in times of crisis to help communities rebuild.

According to the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, there is frequently a misalignment between schooling and the skills required by employers. This is why we work with nonprofits globally to ensure young adults have access to capacity-building and training necessary for quality employment opportunities – leading to better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our Nonprofit Partners

We believe access to higher education is a key pathway to success, out of reach for too many young people. Our WU Scholars program helps fund studies for deserving students in need.

Scholarships since 2017

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How to nominate

Our scholarship program is open 1-2 times per year. Please check back for information on how to nominate.

Recent scholarship winners are international students impacted by COVID-19. Read more about their stories here.

Who are our WU Scholars?

Our WU Scholars demonstrate academic excellence, aspire to achieve, persevere through challenges, and have a sense of community.


They have the drive to better themselves by studying subjects that will position them to have successful careers.


They have the determination to achieve their educational and life goals, despite challenges or obstacles.


They desire to make the world a better place as global citizens and community leaders.

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The Western Union Foundation serves immediate needs and helps rebuild communities following natural disasters and humanitarian crises – a leading cause of forced migration around the world.

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We responded quickly at the pandemic’s onset to support domestic and global nonprofits serving vulnerable populations and urgent areas of need. Along with securing equipment for frontline healthcare workers, these efforts included hunger relief, medical training, and other essential services. Learn more about our immediate response and ongoing commitment to long-term economic recovery efforts.

COVID-19 Response

Recent Crisis Responses

Typhoons Goni & Vamco - Philippines November 2020
Moria Camp Fires – Greece September 2020
Hurricane Laura – US August 2020
California and Colorado Wildfires – US August 2020
Lebanon Explosion – Lebanon August 2020
Racial Justice – US June 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic – Global February 2020
Tornados and Flooding – US February 2020
Puerto Rico Earthquakes – Puerto Rico January 2020
Australia Bushfires – Australia January 2020
SW Border Migrant Crisis – US January 2020
Typhoon Phanfone – Philippines December 2019
Hurricane Dorian – The Bahamas September 2019
Flooding – India August 2019
Hurricane Barry – US July 2019
Restoring Family Links – US June 2019
Cyclone – Mozambique March 2019
Flooding – US March 2019
Tornadoes – US March 2019
Colombia Population Movement - Colombia February 2019
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Our Nonprofit Partners

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Our hope is that each of you will consider joining the Western Union Foundation’s Opportunity Beyond Borders mission and join us in advocating for a world where there is more equal opportunity for all.