Opportunity Beyond Borders

A chance at brighter futures through career development, scholarships, and crisis response

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Western Union Foundation

We believe enabling young people to access and compete within the global economy will lead to higher economic growth. Through Opportunity Beyond Borders we collaborate with nonprofits around the world to provide migrants and refugees with the skills needed for better jobs and a chance at a better life. We also respond in times of disaster or humanitarian crises to aid in the rebuilding of communities.

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Stories of Impact

We support programs around the world, creating impact and changing lives.

Mathlida | Kenya, WU Scholar

Mathlida Mola has always loved school, and has had to overcome many obstacles on her journey to attend and graduate college. The Foundation is honored to award Mathlida with our highest scholarship so that she can afford her senior year and graduate this fall.

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Chinyere | Nigeria, WU Scholar

Chinyere Onyeneke, a recent Law graduate from Nigeria, shared her experience to inspire the next generation of change makers to follow their passion.

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Bahaa | Turkey, Re:Coded

Born in Syria and traveling alone to Turkey for refuge, Bahaa overcame barriers so he could have a better life. Our partner Re:Coded supported building his skills for employment.

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Tessa | Philippines, Save the Children

Training has helped Tessa gain employment so she can now support her family in the Philippines. Our partner Save the Children is helping to provide her the skills to succeed.

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Nathaniel | Uganda, WPDI

After escaping his home country, Nathaniel is using the help from the WPDI’s program at the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda to create change and bring peace in his community.

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Grace | US, MSU Denver

From the Congo and studying at Metropolitan State University of Denver in the US, Grace is achieving her dreams of completing her higher education and giving back to refugees like herself in Denver.

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Donnya | Colorado, Watson Institute

Moving from Barbados to Colorado, United States, Donnya was not sure what to expect but had a negative perception to overcome.  What Zi found though was a welcoming environment at the Watson Institute and people that despite perception made them feel a part of the community.

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