Prosperity Beyond Borders

Creating long-term, positive impact through workforce readiness, jobs creation, and equitable access to employment.

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Western Union Foundation

Since 2001, the Western Union Foundation has been a catalyst for economic opportunity for people who migrate in pursuit of a more prosperous future. We are proud to partner with innovative nonprofits that provide scholarships for higher education, skill building for workforce readiness, and inclusion programs to create equitable access to employment. 

Our current social impact commitment is Prosperity Beyond Borders, a multi-year initiative to drive $500 million in aggregate wage gains for disadvantaged, high-potential individuals who currently lack access to economic mobility. Through this commitment, we aim to help aspiring individuals achieve a better quality of life and the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

2023 Impact Report

Stories of Impact

Hear directly from people around the world whose lives have been impacted by the Western Union Foundation’s work.

Zonera | Pakistan, Western Union Scholar

Zonera has never given up on her dream of earning a degree in computer science, despite facing many financial and health obstacles on her journey. We are proud to award Zonera with our highest scholarship to help her afford to graduate.

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Youth Leadership Council | United States

The New American Youth Leadership Council has helped more than 250 immigrant and refugee youth gain mentorship, leadership development, and career readiness support so that they are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in their new communities.

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Hafiz | Afghanistan, Upwardly Global

Hafiz was an airline pilot in Afghanistan who operated some of the critical evacuation flights requested by the U.S. government. When it became dangerous for him to stay, he and his family safely moved to the United States where he is restarting his pilot career.

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Hazel Ann | Philippines, Western Union Scholar

Born and raised in the Philippines, Hazel Ann is a first-generation college graduate who recently graduated with a degree in information technology from Southern Cross University in Australia.

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Narges | Gaza, Education for Employment

In Gaza, where daily struggles and displacement are a harsh reality for its residents, Narges embarked on an ambitious journey to build an educational center that could support disadvantaged and displaced individuals in her community.

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Andreina | Venezuela, Aspen Institute

This innovative digital skill building program enables young people, many of whom have migrated from Venezuela, like Andreina, to integrate into their new community and access formal jobs within the booming Colombian technology sector.

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Sohaila | Afghanistan, Upwardly Global

Sohaila was a doctor who practiced medicine in Afghanistan until the Taliban took control in 2021, at which time her life changed overnight. Upon moving to the U.S., Sohaila partnered with Upwardly Global to start her career in medicine.

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Signature Programs

Prosperity Beyond Borders will be anchored by our two signature programs that provide scholarships to international students, and fellowships for change makers aspiring to make a social impact.

Global Scholars Program

We believe that education is one of the surest pathways to economic opportunity and professional mobility. The Western Union Foundation Global Scholars Program provides scholarships to international students who are struggling financially to complete their final years of college. To date, we have funded over 500 scholarships with plans to provide over 100 more throughout Prosperity Beyond Borders.

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Foundation Fellowship Program

We are proud to support ambitious changemakers who dream of starting their own businesses. The Western Union Foundation Fellowship provides entrepreneurs with business training and seed funding to launch community-focused ventures. Through Prosperity Beyond Borders, we plan to directly support more than 135 additional Fellows through this transformative program. 

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Prosperity Beyond Borders is the evolution of our mostly recently concluded commitment, Opportunity Beyond Borders, through which $20 million was invested, reaching more than two million people worldwide and connecting 50,000 individuals to economic opportunities. Learn more about the positive impact and people whose lives were transformed through Opportunity Beyond Borders in our 2022 Impact Report.

2022 Impact Report

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