About us

For 20 years, the Western Union Foundation has invested in changing lives for the better. We continue to deliver against that mission with our Opportunity Beyond Borders commitment - a focus on empowering forcibly displaced and marginalized youth with the training and education needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven global economy.

We believe that while talent is universal, opportunity is not. We believe that it is time to invest in new approaches to skilling conflict-affected youth for the future of work and enable them to access high-value careers in the technology sector.

Where we get our support

The Western Union Foundation is a separate charitable corporation from The Western Union Company that receives support from The Western Union Company, its employees, agents, consumers, and business partners.

Who is eligible for grants

Our grant process is invitation-only for organizations that fit our Opportunity Beyond Borders mission. We support programs that build the capacity of migrant and refugee youth to engage with global 21st-century jobs, largely through entrepreneurship and STEM-focused industries. Grantees should be forward-looking, innovative, able to provide evidence of feasibility and positioned to have a lasting impact.

Our leadership

The Western Union Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of senior Western Union executives from across the globe. The Foundation’s executive director and highly-skilled team grant makers, fundraisers, and advocators is based in Denver, Colorado.

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Our hope is that each of you will consider joining the Western Union Foundation’s Opportunity Beyond Borders mission and join us in advocating for a world where there is more equal opportunity for all.